Organisation Design

Our organisation design service

We can help you devise a structure that is aligned with the strategic direction of your business.
We can guide you through the process of organisation design with the aim being to improve communication, productivity, and innovation.

Creating an Effective Organisation Design

Things can start to feel strained, tasks get repeated, people get confused and key tasks get missed. Businesses can also end up with a structure that is designed around individuals rather than one that is designed based on what is best for the business. Which can cause significant challenges.
We can help you put a structure in place that supports the company now and sets it up for future growth.
We do this by providing :

An objective review of your organisation structure

Working with a HR professional to help you manage the process of re-shaping your organisation

Confidence that you’ll implement changes in a legally sound way.
"When businesses grow quickly, they often end up with a structure that happens by chance rather than one that has been designed intentionally"
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