Absence Management

Return to work Interviews

By introducing return-to-work sickness interviews and measuring tools, as well as training managers in using them, we can make a significant difference. It’s important to note that long-term employee absence may well be due to an underlying issue caused by a disability.

In these circumstances the individual is protected from workplace discrimination, and needs to be managed carefully. And if this is not possible within a reasonable time-frame, terminate the employment legally, allowing you to recruit again.

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7.5 million ‘sickie’ days

Recent research of more than 1,500 employees and SME business leaders reveals flu, colds, and viruses top the list of genuine reasons for absences but what stood out was the number of people pulling sickies and reporting themselves unwell when – by their admission – they were well. With 7.5 million ‘sickie’ days pulled by UK SME employees, the cost to UK businesses was £900 million.  

The research also shows that stigma around mental health struggles and burnout is costing the UK economy £1.4bn a year through unexplained sick days.

We can guide and help you implement wellbeing strategies, to help increase productivity and engagement at work, but also help you nip those non-genuine absences in the bud.


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