Redundancy & Restructuring

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Most commonly our clients will need to restructure and/or make redundancies to their current workforce, especially now with COVID-19. We know that making employees redundant is a difficult but sometimes unavoidable decision. It can be a complex and mind-blowing process, where there are strict rules and laws to be followed.

Getting it wrong can lead to an employee bringing a tribunal case against you for unfair dismissal, which will cost money and reputation damage. We will help you implement an appropriate strategy to achieve the best outcome.

We will provide you with all the correct and legally factual paperwork to support the process.

Some of the steps that will need to be considered are:

  • Business justification 
  • Consultation time-frames / Trade Unions 
  • Voluntary redundancy / Compulsory
  • Selection pool and criteria 
  • Statutory dismissal procedure
  • Notice periods
  • Pay entitlements 

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"Every business situation is different. You need objective, business-focused advice to help navigate the rules of the redundancy process correctly. We have significant experience of support through a change process".  

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