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Our aim is to only hire exceptional talent and to help grow and retain them.

our Fixed Fee Pricing
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What we can do for you

What is important to us is understanding your business and the role or roles that you’re looking to fill.

We’ll take a look at your job description to make sure that it is the right balance between the skills and behaviours that you need. We will then create a strategy for you to attract top talent.

From there, we’ll perform whatever role you need within the recruitment process. We can do the initial screening (CV and telephone interview) and provide you with a shortlist and you take it from there. We can help you create a recruitment process that will really test the skills that you need to assess during the process.

We can help you create a recruitment process that will really test the skills that you need to assess during the process. We can sit in with you on face-to-face interviews. And all manner of different combinations.

What makes us different?

What makes us different is that we are not a recruitment agency, we work as an internal HR team, we help manage your brand, we offer a personal touch to the candidates, and we have found candidates take much better to an internal HR team.

Recruiting new employees is something that lots of our clients struggle with. Firstly, there’s the need to decide on exactly the role that you need to fill. Then you need to source candidates and then you need to interview them.

It can become all-consuming very quickly
or, because you lack time, it can be something that holds you back as you simply limp along without having a fully staffed team until it isn’t possible to put it off any longer.

Our Process

Job Description

We can write the job descriptions for you.


We place adverts on your behalf.


We can liaise with recruitment agencies if you use them.

CV Screening

We will screen all relevant candidates for you.

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We will undertake the initial telephone screening.

Design Interview Process

We will design the interview process for you.

Recruitment Strategy

> We will write and implement your recruitment strategy

> We will provide you with the tools and knowledge to attract, recruit and retain the best talent for your business to the level you require.

> We can offer expert, and tailored recruitment training for your managers, to ensure you select the best candidate within the legal framework.

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