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The New Normal -Hybrid working

Have you just returned to the workplace, or had you never left?

As we are approaching the end of the summer, more places of work are asking their employees to return to the office or making decisions about permanent hybrid working. Some are finding it harder than others to navigate this transition period.

You may need to start thinking about implementing a Working From Home policy, or how about undertaking some informal 121s with your team to understand their concerns to help aid a smooth transition back to the ‘new normal’, which is where we would be happy to help.
If you are thinking about home working, you will need to ensure DSE self-assessments are undertaken. Do you need templates or advice? Let us know how we can help.

Pretty set on a successful re-launch back in the office? How about…

Welcome Back Coffee Morning

‘Townhall’ for the whole company

Lunchtime picnic

Christmas party planning committee – a great idea for engagement with the team!

Please feel free to get in touch,

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The New Normal -Hybrid working

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