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The 4 day week trial extended

Firms are sticking to a four day week after the initial trial has now ended,

Employees thought it was too good to be true when staff were told they could have a Friday off without a cut in pay.

Is the 9-5, 5 day working week outdated and no longer fit for purpose? this was the question for the 61 employers that participated in the 6 month trial. 56 of these companies have now extended the four day work pattern with 18 who have now made it permanent.

The findings of this trial will now be presented to a panel of MP's with the aim of pushing Britain's workers to a 32 hour week. The director of the 4 Day Week Campaign Andrew Barnes called the trial a “major breakthrough moment”. The 4 day week is a reduction in the work week while largely maintaining the same productivity, for example, shifting from a standard 40 hours to 32 hours for the same pay and benefits

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