Fixed Fee Recruitment Prices

We recognise that you need to attract talent at a reasonable cost.

That’s why we’ve created our cost effective recruitment solution!   For just £3,800 + VAT per role, for roles between £20,000 and £50,000 per annum.

a group of office workers that have been recruited


Package will include:

  • Job description

  • Branded advert

  • Post the role on all the leading UK job boards and Linked-in

    Complete initial screen of applications

    Conduct first stage telephone interviews.

    Present you with a list of 3-5 candidates for second stage interview.

    Keep the candidates informed throughout the process.

  • * Price not inclusive of VAT

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How do our prices work?

On commencement of the campaign, we charge a £1000 + VAT upfront fee. This covers the cost of the branded advert and posting your vacancy on the job boards. The final balance of £2800 + VAT is payable on the conclusion of the interview process.